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  1. hopeles5ly

    $115 Defqon tickets? woot!

    That's right, one of the biggest hardstyle festival is on this Saturday! I still have 5 tickets up for grabs at $115 each; If interested message me or leave a post.
  2. hopeles5ly

    Auburn school rampage

    That was my highschool lol. Never seen anything like that happen before; wow lol. And FYI It is a Catholic School, but you didn't have to be catholic to attend. It has a large middle eastern cohort, because the school is centralised in the area. And yes, minus some of them, it is a pretty...
  3. hopeles5ly

    OFFICIAL Easter Show Thread

    Re: Easter show job! Did it last year, when I was 19 It was $17.50/hr normal days $18.50/hr for public holidays and weekends Pretty shit for temp/casual pay but least it's a lot of quick cash.
  4. hopeles5ly

    What you reckon bout these sites, scams?

    Internet marketing does work; but of course the income you generate is proportional to how much you work the system put in place. Just don't expect to get something for doing nothing.
  5. hopeles5ly

    Accounting Cadetship 2008

    apparently usyd doesnt offer night classes so you cant complete the part time aspect of uni if you were to go there
  6. hopeles5ly

    Anyone working on the upcoming public holidays?

    You get paid for it. There's people out there, that want to work because they need the money, but don't have the opportunity to do so, as they haven't got a job as of yet. What so you lose a couple of hours of your life, big deal? Suck it up or go fucking quit.
  7. hopeles5ly

    Ranking issues

    I remember having a subject where they forget to enter the marks for one of my assessments! I got quite a shock when i saw my rank and appeled to the school. They changed the rank after that.
  8. hopeles5ly

    "Assessment Rank Order from 13 November"

    50-60UAI; No shit. Need min of band 5s and good rankings if you're aiming to achieve anything.
  9. hopeles5ly

    Has anybody here ever worked as a pick packer?

    I've done pickpacking when my agent gave it to me. It's easy, all you do is consistently pick products out that the company will then deliver to their clients/customers. Although, repetitive and shit boring.
  10. hopeles5ly

    Emptiness with End of HSC

    You finally learn that life is a continue process to the attainment of goals; there is no beginning or stopping, just doing! Usually what people fall into the trap is, they focus so much on wanting to get something, they work so hard towards it, and once the attain it, they begin to come to...
  11. hopeles5ly

    Party Job or Myer Xmas Casual?

    Because the incentive of having more money clearly outweighs the short-term pain of the loss of time which is probably going to be wasted anyway.
  12. hopeles5ly

    who took a gamble?

    The only thing I ever knew about Germany was Weimar. The question was always the same, just worded a bit differently (focus on reasons for its failure; social, political economic). And guess what? It was the same again all in the half yearlies, in the CSSA trials and the the paper i did in 2006...
  13. hopeles5ly

    General Thoughts: Modern History 2008 HSC Exam

    Re: Howd you find it? Evaluate, then provide alternatives/opinions to help justify why your argument is correct, then should be fine. IMO, shows greater knowledge.
  14. hopeles5ly

    Why is education a competition?

    Mental illness? You obviously don't understand that a change in one's perception of what they feel about the world can make significant changes of what exactly happens in their. Just look at the placebo effect and how it’s been scientifically proven to radically change one’s state and health...
  15. hopeles5ly

    Resume-job Objective

    Yeah, i think they hired everyone already. Should have applied ages ago, as since HSC is finishing soon, there's going to be a huge influx of students looking for work.