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  • I'll definitely be on occasionally! No promises I'll be there when you need me though at times ): I'm not that good at maths haha. I'm still learning and improving everyday (hopefully...)
    There's no euphemism for procrastinating unfortunately ;) Haha, that's good! Year 10 and 11 still don't count towards anything so it's good to chill I guess. I've been having a bit of a roller coaster in year eleven.
    I don't use textbooks at all so I'm not the best person to ask, I can say not to bother with 4U fitzpatrick, its a horrible book, but I think 3U fitzpatrick is alright.
    I'm not sure about Terry Lee's because I don't have it but I've heard good things from other people about it. I'm not sure about Patel however, you'd better ask someone like Carrotsticks, he will be able to give you a better answer
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