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    Any point transferring from UWS Law to MQ Law?

    Melsc - if you could have your time again, would you have made the same decision to transfer?
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    Commerce/Law, major in accounting

    You can do any type of law with either. Your non-law component does not restrict the legal areas in which you may work. It may make you a more appealing candidate in some areas, but I wouldn't base my decision on any affect it may have on your future prospects. Do what you think you will enjoy...
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    How to prepare for the clerkship season

    Yep. Your cover letter is so important. Not only is it one of the primary means by which you convince the firm to give you an interview, but it is a tangible example of the calibre of your work. A 70+ average may mean very little if your cover letter demonstrates an incapacity to write well...
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    Science/Law prospects?

    IP, patent attorney.
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    Summer clerkships 2009/2010

    That is precisely the reason I am having difficulty - my interest is in IP. However, I am tending to think I will go with my gut and choose Freehills. I may hate IP when I start practicing, and it is probably a better decision to go to the firm at which I felt most comfortable and connected...
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    Summer clerkships 2009/2010

    I'm trying to decide between Freehills and Allens. Freehills was my number 1 option throughout the process, but now I can't decide.
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    Summer clerkships 2009/2010

    3/4 so far - Freehills, Allens, G+T. Waiting on Corrs and AG.
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    criminal law - where?

    When making your decision, keep in mind that in 5 years you may actually want to work in a corporate top tier firm. I was in a similar position to you when I started. I wanted to work for the DPP, and studied Social Science (Criminology) / Laws. In my first year of uni, I changed my mind and...
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    Summer clerkships 2009/2010

    Mallesons and Allens are the obvious choices. I have a friend who is trying to decide between those two firms also. What did you think of Corrs? I was quite impressed by them; seems like an enjoyable place to work.
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    Summer clerkships 2009/2010

    Assuming you get offers from all firms, have you made a decision as to which you will accept?
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    Summer clerkships 2009/2010

    Good luck! Still in the running: *Freehills *Allens *Clayton Utz *Corrs *G+T *AG-Dept (I think)
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    UNSW vs UWS Law

    It is probably the case that being in the top 5-10% is no more difficult than being in the top 20-30% at UNSW though.
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    Summer clerkships 2009/2010

    Did you think at the time (or afterwards) that those interviews did not go so well? Or were you surprised with which firms offered you second round as compared to those which didn't?
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    Summer clerkships 2009/2010

    I got 5/5, but haven't heard from the Attorney-General's Dept.
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    Summer clerkships 2009/2010

    I'm not sure if there are internships / clerkships other than at summer. But as I said, the figures are consistent with what I have been told. One of the partners I spoke to admitted that they usually make offers to about 60% of those who clerk at the firm, and that this is roughly the...