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    Just wanna get this off me. [Personality:Alexander]

    i didnt mention pple from specific places but i mentioned about how he treated nations that oppoised him or welcomed him and gave examples with gaza, tyre and egypt. also the relationship with darius and his family.( special mention was made to the respect he gavce to the religions and cultures...
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    Global Business???

    defo inbalance with employment relations... i think our teacher wrked out that the peecfentage of marks for emplyment realtions was someting like 50 percent (or something crazy like that) and it is defo my worst topic....i did the least study for this one. o well! its over now
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    Section II - Ancient Societies

    -leonidas and cleombrotus -locdated in the east or somthing and taygetus is that right.....????? e) helots, perioikoi and spartans(kings , ephors, gerousia, assmebly, men and woman) i think i went ok
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    Section II - Ancient Societies

    a) leonidas and cleombrotus ( was tempted to put another 2 coz i knew another 2 but prob might get marked down for it for some crazy reason so i didnt) b) um i said something about spata wasd located in the east blah and taygetus seperated them.... i think the east thing is wrong though EEEP...
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    Five minutes reading time completely inadequate!

    found them when checking the pages
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    Section I - Personalities

    i did alexander and the questions were nice. for a) i talked about before he actually became king of macedonia at the battle of granicus and some other ramble. for B) i talked about treatment of pple he met like how he slaughtered tyre and gaza but loved the egyptians because they welcomed him...
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    Section I - Personalities

    we got told no toi quote bradley too.... but i did it anyway but saying"as suggested by bradley..."
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    How was it?

    lol holograms hahahaha star wars thats some funniest arse sh*t.. i put the more use of light in communication as it can carry lots of info and travels very fast blah blah blah and this is supported but the already use of fiberoptics! :) STAR WARS i pissed my self wen i saw that no offence...
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    How was it?

    lol is that what that question ment ...i thought u had to put the numbers in or sumtin ...thats one question i rooted!!!!
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    Hows your room?

    when my mum came into wake me up after a night of partying she stormed in and skitzed up at me for wasting my mourning, whn she walked out she slipped on a folder and landed in my english notes stacked in the corner...........i spet the rest of the mourning cleaning my room. i told her "it was...
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    uniform or mufty

    woooooooohhhhhhhhhhhoooooooooooo no uniform for us but i still wear my school year 12 jersey :rolleyes:
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    PLEASE READ: key to maths exam on monday

    when is comes time for the markers to mark the exams they will be flooded with this answer and thinking to themselves....WTF is going on lol that would be piss funny! good job!
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    2005 HSC Scavenger Hunt?

    so did we we had a theme one. the group that had the best costumes got extra points. imagine wearing a short skirt and bikini top thru a shopping centre on thursday night shopping. i can*sigh* we were in the paper too, but the cops caught the three main schools in our area ..they were...
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    year 12 muckup days

    does anybody know what school it was that . one of the students went to school early and moved the principals office up ontop of the roof for muck up day?? its a school around the hunter valley im pretty sure??
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    year 12 muckup days

    lol ... we were pretty strict in the past aabout muck up day because about 3 year ago a guy trashed a art gallery downt he road and went to gaol but this yr we did it anyway. out tame muck up included signs around the school asking the students to park in the staff carparks and play ground and...