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    Who Plans To Go To Newcastle Uni??

    Im planning to go to Newcastle. I wana do a Combined Law Degree (for Communications and Law). Where r u guys from? Im from Central coast so i get the local points thing
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    Ur UAI and the desired Course!

    MY UAI: 90.45 DESIRED COURSE: Combined Law Degree (Newcastle) 92.90 But because I'm a local I get 4 extra points so its actually 88.9! I want to do Communications with it as the 'combined' part!!
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    Top in school

    97.7 Wadalba Community School....Go Liv!!!
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    General Discussion on the 2005 HSC marks/UAI

    Omg Omg Omg I cant believe we get our results tmw. I dont want them!! I know I'll b disappointed I just know it. But then I get this tiny bits of hope that maybe just maybe I'll get results that I can tell my parents, family, family friends and nosy- ppl that- want -you -to -go- badly-so they-...
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    School Ranks

    First grade to do HSC what school do u go 2?
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    Society and Culture thoughts?

    I couldnt believe that the whole 12-marker was on future directions! Howmuch did u guys write for it? I wrote about 4 I think. I did Pop culture A (I do Rugby LEague...soooo good) and Belief systems A (Buddhism...meh). I thought the short answer were pretty good but my mind went blank...
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    The "OMG I've Finished the HSC" thread

    Yay!!! Finished Sac was my last exam. all over now! Freedom is sooooooooooooooo good. NOw I gota figure out wat im gona do-this year has been study, study study. Im so disappointed that the whole of section 1 B (12 mk Question) was on future directions I suk at it. The shortanswers ones...
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    Petition For Crime Question

    JW Wadalba Community School
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    Section I - Law and Society

    For question 2 there were so many things u cud write. I wrote about legal aid, then about natural justice being reflected in the legal system and the concepts of fairness, equality and equity being taken into consideration in legal decisions, and thus we have access to justice through these...
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    How did everyone go? (Poll)

    Thank God for scaling. Is it true that no matter what mark you get, if you come first no one rankd lower can have a higher mark after scaling and so on? I hope thats the case. Cananyone tell mehow u do that triangle question- the one where there was all the right angles in it and one side was...
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    How did everyone go? (Poll)

    That exam was fucked. I studied really hard and was soooo relaxed going into it (I was kind of excited really- I know its sad). My teacher came in half way thru 2 get a paper and wen she opened it to the last page she thought she had picked up an extension 2 paper. Its really disappointing...
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    Extended Responses

    I dont have a planned structure really. I stick to the basic intro-body-conlusion and kinda just go with it. I dont know till tomorrow what I got for my extended response but for crime I got 24/25 and it had an 'evaluate the effectiveness' question which kinda fits this structure. I'll...