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  • Lol calm down. I know what acceleration means because I was an ex accelerant. What school do you go to
    "yea I skipped two years of school"
    "Then i also accelerated another two years"
    "If I had skipped those extra 2 years I would be a little pipsqueak amongst massive 18 year olds ahaha"

    I assume the question means: how many ways can you organise a single mixed doubles match from that pool of 12 players such that no married couple are both playing. (If instead we are organising 3 concurrent matches with the same condition then the problem is harder.)

    Choose the two men in the game: 6C2.
    Choose the two women in the game 4C2 (The partners of the men cannot be chosen.)
    Choose way of pairing up the 4 players selected: 2

    So answer is 2.4C2.6C2=180.
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