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    Cumberland- do u like the new 'food court'

    the floor looks like the ice surface in the ice ring except its black hehe
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    Clinical Reports

    hey jess congrats on ur swimming! long time no talk on bos! any way yeh i rekon u need to include, how u've enjoyed the clinical experience, what have u learned from this experience, what u liked/ disliked about this placement, what have u learned in uni that is related to the placement, what u...
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    should a guy be persistant about asking a girl out

    One qestion - why do girls tend to ignor the guys after they rejects them?
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    Who is in to dance music ????????

    few year ago Darude was one of the best, hmm i have to agree some of the remixes of their tunes are really good
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    wth i never knew ultimate frisbee was that bad, played it at uni, i thougt it was kinda pansy.
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    Who is in to dance music ????????

    hey any of u guys been to the GAS night club? i got these free member ship cards. what kinda music they play there?
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    Biology pracs - Dissection

    heheh in the anatomy labs did u c those large labled boxes with body bits in it? espectially the box with the name tag " Heads" lol i dare u to open it.
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    Ive broken one finger and shattered another, and broke my nose during soccer, torn both left and right hamstring muscle during martial arts traning, all minor injuries. only time i got close to doing major damage to my self is when i landed right on top of my head after i got lost mid way during...
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    Guys! any Cricket fan here?

    Go india !! yes i agree the best games are always between paki and india. they always cracking 4s and 6s :)
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    Biology pracs - Dissection

    we gonna get to play with most part of the human body, but we not gonna cut any :mad:
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    how do YOU flirt

    i got..... You are a pro at playing the age old game of hard to get. Your flirting style runs hot and cold, giving just enough to keep them chasing you. Independent and self-sufficient, you don't need any one person to make you compelte. And that independence is exactly what makes people...
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    O-week. Usyd Science Society

    any thing good happening on 2morrow night,
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    Best mp3 player under $350

    ass whats wrong it
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    Best mp3 player under $350

    oh yeh only down side to it hehehe
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    Best mp3 player under $350

    get i pod shuffle, 500 mb only 140 bucks the cheapest and the coolest one u can get