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  • Hey, i haven't been to lectures in ages but i think i might remember you. In regards to SCIF, the subject is okay but there's a lot of irrelevant stuff to be learnt in SCIF eg global warming, AI etc. However, it might be worth it in the long-term as you'll get to major in QR and the titles pretty cool once you graduate. In regards to QR, i think ppl wnating to major in QR can pick QR specific subjects in 2nd yr, 2sem onwards but in 1st yr it's just all common content and no specialisation subjects are taken. Not sure if that all makes sense.
    LOL what is that "little birdy"? LOL
    I am definitely considering LAW + ACTUARIAL. But I am weighing cons and pros =)

    ur definitely doing law + actuarial righttt?
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