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Recent content by jazmine1129

  1. J

    think happy thoughts!

    caption the caption to that was like "who said journeys dont have an ending" (its a chain emaily being sent around)
  2. J

    Lame stories

    no time there are somepretty crazy stories there... mine would have been crap even if i had atime to actualy get to the point of the story argh!
  3. J

    Does ANYONE do Briar Rose?

    argh me too, the beggining and end of my essay where just spun bullshit and through it i ended up just saying things, theu wernt negetive but they definatly wernt positive meh~!
  4. J

    Module C - Elective 2: Ways of Living

    weight?? is that what that poem is about!! i always thought it was the girls getting drunk. DAIMN!
  5. J

    general bio exam questions

    thats a good idea....i couldnt think of crap. i did a very similar experiment but the hypothosis was something like "enzymes from bacteria x have a wider range of activity"
  6. J

    Biology = English + Economics

    i reckon that particulay was really crappy its got practicly nothing to do with like, scientific fact
  7. J

    multiple choice

    yea but the stuff being filtered in the kidneys comes from the blood.... or sumthin like that
  8. J

    Ancient History People

    jaz time: greece 500-440BC society: sparta time: new kingdom egypt till thutIV Person: hatshepsut our techer has done it so our topics overlap its a good idea.
  9. J


    i dont think anybody likes gae callender.....every second post is dissing her. hahahaa
  10. J

    Hatshepsut and the Aten

    hmmm i know that closer to the armana period the pharaohs where moving away form Amun and starting to worship other deities more (e.g. sphinx) but i never knew hatshepsut was with the Aten. i know some inscriptions of a sun disk wit the ray thingys but did she refer to it as the aten? :S
  11. J

    dot point 1.3.3

    yea and they apparently, like, pinned the moths they wanted to the trees they wanted or sumthin.