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  • i hate work i had to work 9-5 yesterday and 9-5 this morning and i feel like #### right now and i gotta work 8-4 tommorw :(
    but then nothing till saturday so i guess its alright with the money aye :)
    and thats so true! i woke up yesterday like roun 9 (thats pretty good for me lol) and i was like SHIIII ive slept in then i realised it doesnt matter thats the best feeling haha
    i dunno yet when i can be bovered i guess? wbu. come online or answer your phone biatch, either or. wbu?
    sent it to myself again!

    i just ignored the civilians section entirely cause there gonna ask two question highly unlikely its gonna be from the same section and if ones from civilians you have the other one so just think of it like that like you said you could wing civilians so if its civilians and the last one ull do fine. like you know the content you knew it like ages ago back at that revision day you were comming up with stuff that i still dont know so dont worry bro. can i ask one more favour from you tho bro?
    BRO I GOT MY LETTER, I GOT IN TO UNSW AHHHH!! SO HAPPY ALL I GOTTA DO IS GET 79.0 AND IM IN :D :D :D combined civi/environmental eng. with archetecture SO HAPPY :D :D your the first person i told so feel privlaged now to go party (study but not to much :D )
    im crossing my fingers that its a question like that for germany casue i can talk about so much then and atleast when i walk out feel like ive done enough
    kk dude, my head is so filled with stuff that i cant even remeber a single thing :S lol makes no sense but its true! but yeah thanks for all your help bro, and not just last couple of days like whole year niger g prob woudln of been able to get my band 6 and take yours off ya lol. but seriously in yr 11 maths i went heaps good like was getting in the 80s for 3 unit and then in yr 12 when i started sitting with alex and daniel and u wnt say with neelam u went heaps good and i went heaps ####! im blaming that on you!!!
    yeah ive done that like three times already!! i didnt word it properly like if there was a question to the effect outline the nature of nazi fp woudl you have to mention EVERY SINGLE example of FP or just a few? and the same for a question on col sec woudl u have to mention all the reasons why it failed or just the key ones and then say how Abyssinia and Span Civil War were the highlighting factors of these short cummings
    well if there is a LoN/Collective secuirty question, I wouldnt say i'd concentrate on nazi FP, because you have to look at the dot points: abyssnia and the spanish civil war.....Germany was not a member of the LoN at this stage ( i think - clarification?), and so you wouldnt be looking at nazi foreign policy for the collapse of collective security in terms of the failure of the leage.....For collapse of security i'd defo look at abyssnia, spanish civil war AND THEN, maybe anaylyse the FP like rearmament, re-occ f rhineland, sudetenland...but nazi foreign policy is more to do with the policy of the appeasement, rather than collective security (since col.sec. is a part of the LoN dot point - Germany wasnt in the league then)
    im hoping to christ, ullah, mohamed and the oracle (just played halo lol havent played that online in ages) htat its a to what extent there should be atleast one of them hopefully. Thats the one ill be choosing. Did what i say b4 help in anyway bro? AND one more question. If we get a question that involves collective security or Nazi foreign policy do we have to mention EVERY example of nazi foreign policy and every reason why collective security failed? (like obviously two completly seperate questions but yeah?
    For conflict in europe are they likely to ask a question that is like specific (eg a question that just focuses on Appeasment) rather then a question like they have been doing where it covers a whole heading with the four or so dt pts under it? i just thought of that and i shat it cause i know enough detail to answer a broad question for each heading but not enough detail for a specific section if that makes sense :(
    well when i have done my practice questions like "Outline her rise to prominence" i have used terms like "however Riefenstahl claims Hitler was the one to approach her" stuff like that not direct quotes like Hinton suggets bla blah. The way i looked at it in part a if its an outline or describe question prob dont need to but if it was an assess or discuss (which is unlikely) you would. With part b defos would use historiography
    whats the question? (im ignoring the other blasphemy lol fav student sif ulay) but serious wat ya stuck with, my turn to help for a change
    NEW PLAN: #1 stop freaking out and getting stressed. #2 do essay plans ive come up with that cover whole syllabus dot pts simmilar to the CIE questions. #2 have a break go get a hair cut and lunch. #3 finish off essay plans and start your syllabus idea. #4 have dinner and a break. #5 finish off syllabuses and quick read over summaries. #6 Sleep!!! #7 wake up and cram then relax and walk to school. Yes no maybe?
    ill do that tommorow i think bro, tonight gonna summarise my summaries or most of the dot pts except the ones i already know off by heart. you know wats annoying me how the questions for germany are like straight from a syllabus dot pt there kinda from a bit of two or are just all skew wiff. Unlike conflict in europe like easiest essay questions out if you know your content. i reallllly REALY want a band 6 for modern!!!!!
    thats wat i was thinking for conflict in europe germany i dunno either like there LOADS to ask aye. im not as worried as i was b4 casue like the core should be aight Leni shouldnt be a prob should go alright in both conflict and national study but like im prepared to loose a few marks in those sections. be prepared tommorow to be bombarded with questions cause by 5 this afternoon my confidence will have disapeared and ill be packing it. With like today and tommorw to go (im assuming your just gonna be focusing on Modern?) how are you studying are you just reading now or actually writting essays?. Im just doing plans for heaps of questions like Outline Hitlers role in the nazi state just like one or two pages worht of notes to summarise my summaries but i dunno is that a good idea :S
    aight, yeah thats sorta how i answered it to except i dont think i answered it as clear in the begining. I didnt structure it that much like an essay i sorta just started blabbing on prob have to change that. Do you have any clue about the germany or conflict questions, like i think for CIE one of them will be from dot pt 4 then the other one either 1 or 2 why do you think? Germany im clueless except like one on Weimar one on Nazi Germany......
    hey i didnt mean to wake you up lol was like almost on way home. im sorry JESSSSICAAAAA :( BUT seeing as im fully cool and like totally your bestfriend could you give me a hand with this question: To what extent does history present us with a balanced interpretation of this personality. Am i write in just focusing on like the three or four 'areas of debate' like was she a feminist, propagandist etc etc and just mention the historiography under that. For example propagandist you wuld mention olympia TOTW rother hinton and all that right? is it asking for more of the syllabus tho?

    I am sorry bro,
    tle essay :D
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