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    Melbourne Uni Arts!

    i'm doing arts as well! ive finally settled on my subjects.. having changed them about 6 times already!
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    Anyone who's interested in New Generation degrees for next year

    My mum works for Melbourne Uni, and all staff got sent this email from the Vice Chancellor about 1st round preference numbers if anyone's interested or doubted that people still wanted to go to Melb uni because of the new Melbourne Model...
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    Good Aussie movies

    looking for alibrandi lantana the castle
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    Gilmore Girls

    Re: Gilmore Girls Fans!!! Are there any left out there??? I LOVE THE GILMORE GIRLS!!! OH MYYYYY i got the 1st five seasons on dvd in a box set.. and watched them every night for about a month... and then i bought the 6th season but havent seen the 7th yet! i know what happens though... grrr...
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    rock music with amazing piano

    something corporate.. esp the song KONSTANTINE
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    Celebrity/relatives of celebrity teachers

    ahh this is a funny thread.. here's my 2 cents worth i go to school with- Eric Bana's kids Sam Newman's kid... (the kids mum tried to run sam over with her car a few years ago) Shane Bourne's daughter ruby - the guy from thank god you're here delta goodrem's cousin bree rachel...
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    Is any one going on schoolies after the schoolies dates?

    sunshine coast 1-7 dec gold coast 7-12 dec... cheaper accommodation!
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    What time does your school start?

    monday 10-3.30 tuesday 8.30-3.30 wednesday 8.30-1.10 thursday 8.30-1.10 friday 10-2.45
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    Noosa for schoolies

    my boyfriend and i are going on a holiday to noosa the 1st week of dec so i suppose its during schoolies (3rd week) heaps of ppl from my school are going to noosa.... they have apartments in hastings street and my boyfriend and i are staying at the sheraton.. fun fun fun
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    Favourite music artists

    Something Corporate and the Goo Goo Dolls
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    open days

    I've previously been to the Deaking open day so I'm only going to the ACU one this year..... i've already put in my preferences but i suppose if i end up liking one uni more than the other then i can change them around...
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    Year 12 Year Books?

    My school is using Rockstar Memoirs as well. We've had a meeting with their representative and they've set up our website that we create the year book pages with. We've currently got a competition going to design the cover of the year book... but we're still deciding between a soft/hard...
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    Home and Away

    i was about to say the same thing! it seems far more interesting.. ah im excited about home and away now.. well.. i always was, but it was getting boring, hopefully theyve turned the corner for good and are heading in a new direction with the storylines....
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    What song are you currently listening too?

    isnt there already a thread like this?
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    Big Day Out 2008

    then don't