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  • Hi there, I am just wondering if you are still open to do LAT tutoring, and would it be possible to do the tutoring online as I live in Melbourne?
    and how can i get in touch with you through email or phone?
    Messaged you!
    Hi there, I am just enquiring about a post you made in 2019 surrounding tutoring for the LAT in Sydney. Are you still open to doing this?
    HELLO, i saw one of your posts from 2018 on the lat so i thought i might ask for your opinion :)
    hi, im currently doing my LAT TEST this year as a year 12 student. I want a 90 atar and definitley wont get more than that (ill get 90 if im lucky - i get 70-80's)
    a) do you think i could get 90 in my ATAR
    B) what do i need in the LAT do UNSW law with a 90 ATAR
    c) how hard is that LAT - is 90 achievable in the LAT
    Hi! I think you should aim to score above the median. If you can do that, you'll probably find that ATAR doesn't matter that much! I think 90+ is definitely achievable if you have a good structure, no grammatical errors, and answer the question clearly. Reading widely will help you develop flair. Good luck!
    thank you !!!!!!
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