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  • oo says you did bio? how did you find it? i have the worst teacher for it so i'm pretty much screwing bio up T___T
    AH sorry sorry! i didn't know you had left me another message
    hows Canberra now?
    i also happened to speak to sukhi yday, she said you love it there, plus Canberra seems quite peaceful, i'm considering ANU quite seriously
    hehe thats okay,
    ah yeah, where are you planning to stay, like the lodge or whatever they call it ?
    haha nooooo, everyone says rabab weirdly! sania calls me REYbab >.> haha
    OMG CONGRATZ!! thats really good! pumped to move out?!
    i was starting to re-consider going to ANU, no sangat there or anything T_T
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