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  • WTF!!! 20? OMG that's incredible. Wow. And yeah- uni should be fun. I'm looking forward to it. I'll probs see you at info day somewhere anyway given that I'm guessing you'll be in the law section and obviously that's where I'm headed
    Yeah I've always gotten the impression that UNSW was a more friendly place etc. There's a scientia morning tea thingo in the morning sometime (I'll need to check again for exact deets)-> you should come given you're a current scholar. It's sooo good omg- $10k/year. Is the 80 WAM hard to maintain?
    Probs Comm/Law at UNSW so I might see you there. Still tossing up between UNSW and USyd but I'm leaning more towards UNSW.
    Yeah I ended up with the .95 :) Was super pumped haha- your resources defs helped
    Hahaha I did the same thing as you for english-> 92 exam, 96 school = 94 HSC mark. I was soo happy with that though and my results in general :)
    lenny, the PM thing is stuffing up as i can view PM's, but can send them. i've done trig ratios, equations, identities, regions, unions and intersections, inequalities, inequalities w/ x in denominator. i'm doing perms and combs and 3D trig ATM at school, but i don't feel confident enough to be tested on those. i think this wednesday would be a good day. PM me back in further detail.
    omg im such a bosnoob. On the plus side i got offered a tutoring job for eng so yay no need to self-promote!
    Hey Lenny! I finally mustered up the willpower to actually make a signature and everything in bos :) hope all goes well!
    also mate
    o Start each line before the dotted line space to give yourself more space to write, and same on the other side
    what did you mean by this?
    you mean write like 2 lines on the first dotted line?

    with the ....'s representing lines?
    ahahaha nope i have very little confidence ): ):
    think its realistic that i can get 94 with a 47 rank? D:
    the big R
    good luck! hahaha, i dont think im going to get much essays done
    are you planning to hand in essay plans?
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