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  • With English Advanced short answer questions, one mark equals one point. Make a point, a technique (where possible) give an example and then analyse. PTEA.
    hmmm u know its always gud to set the bar a little higher than that :)
    like aim for 80's and 90's u know, that would kinda give you a bit more motivation to reach ur goal and it would prob make u actually try harder at that subject
    yeah same here except for the noise outside.. how annoying.. you should of told them to shut their mouths or you will bash them after your exam hahaha

    didnt you want to have a little break??
    good on yooh
    lol, well i for one didnt, but i know many from my time that did. So in really gud marks, we're talking 90s right? coz i wouldnt be expecting us to be talking about anything lower than that :)
    yeah holidays have been going ok :) yeah i know, i hate the noise from outside during exams. its like other students have no regard what so ever as to who may be doing exams or not....sad but true
    ive been doing a bit of study myself and a bit of reading on the side so yes, all is well
    ahhh silly mistakes, ive made so many of those in the past its not funny. ull do fine, ive got faith in you :)
    peace out
    ok :) pretty gud
    why? what went wrong? where was ur weakness?
    im sure u did fine, u seem like a smart kid :)
    how are ur hols going? having fun? or mainly stressin' about how you went with ur exams?
    i really hope ur enjoying ur holidays..chillin and studying a little
    Ohh nice.

    I didnt go. :( My family got home too late from the aquatic centre so yeh...stuck at home all day. I hate days like this!
    lol. Well to be honest its just making notes for the exam on monday... will do qns tommorrow.

    Ohh :eek: haha. Soz, lol . Yu lucky person, yu can actually cruise. I have to 'cruise' with an adult :(

    Ive been doing legal today...wbu?
    studying is going good
    atm, im studying for maths...its all gud :)
    oooh, good to hear that u didnt hav exams, it gives u heaps of time to study for other tests :)
    Thats alright.

    Nope. Been at home all day... 'studying' and BOSing at the same time. lol Aren't i talented much? :p

    Yeh okay thanks...might go 'cruising' this afternoon. wbu? How may hours so far?
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