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  • Heyy, this is just for a friend. If you don't mind, can you please fill the survey?:

    It's for her PIP.Thx.

    Young Muslim Females and Body Image Survey
    hayy supp

    lol yeah... it already started on da 15th

    i love it!

    seriously .. it's heaps goodd

    awesomee you came here!

    man you shouldve told me and i live like right next to da skool ... we couldve met!

    Lailaa, you're an idiot for not telling me :(:(


    ahh well, next time u come, you betta tell me kk?

    lol yeah .. the skol has developed ... a lot. lol

    yep, my email is princess_nadiah@hotmail.com please do send it :(
    you'll do finee!
    hmm 2 text? well there is heaps!
    edward scissor hand
    10 things i hate about me
    um.. bend it like beckham
    just type 'belonging' on google and heaps will come up.
    good luck with that essay lol
    i love bos its the bestt!! Ahmad shah? i will keep that in mind.
    Yeah pakistan played a shocking game yesterday!! it was unbelieveable!
    Yeahh i know we saw each other for abit, haha u have changedd at all!!
    Iv got half yearlys around then aswell :( i will do duaa for u:) just do dua for me to, coz i suck and need to concentrate ALOT, i dont think your as bad as i am.
    this is our final year.. :| scary isnt it

    Tc, salams
    Oh ok, MashAllah that's good to ehar.

    Yes, the Valima was last night, lol.

    Sorry, what nationality are you again?

    Tc, ws.
    woahhh! talk about finding people on bos.
    it is me! haha your a boser aswel!?
    omggg how have you been????
    Its been agess!!!

    Oh okay. That's good. How'd you get rid of them ... I mean, contacts as an alternative?

    My family is good, alhumdullillah ... what about yours?

    Oh .. my brother Ikram got married by the way ... just last Friday ..

    and his wedding reception is this Friday, lol..

    Nah, sorry I don't have face book lol.

    Take care,


    You've got it right there =)

    Haha yes ... I was the shy quiet kinda girl lol

    Nah I remember you fairly well, you used to wear glasses, I think?

    I remember talking to you once as well, and I remember you're brother, Ikmal, got a gold award once, lol.

    MashAllah, it's really nice to talk to you again!

    What school you @?
    Omgosh! I know Ikmal! I remember him! He was my brother's friend ... my elder brother, named Ikram...

    You should remember him..

    We're the children of Imam Shabbir.

    Rooty Hill Mosque.

    And yes, I remember you as well, now. =]

    lol i dunno any laila either

    i do know one laila girl ... in my broz class

    yr 9 though lol

    you seem much elder


    b arts n teaching @ une

    Sadiah Ahmed lol

    AICS, not AISC

    lol maybe yes.

    AICS - located at Rooty Hill, right?


    I've finished school

    Australian Islamic College of Sydney was my schooling programme =]

    what school do you go to?

    yeah this site is excellent for resources

    Yes, MashAllah, reading Surah al Kahf at Jummah is a very good source of gaining Hasanaah. Plus my father told me that Surah al-Kahf protects your grave from the shaytaan once your burried or somethign like that. I'm forgetting.

    Anyway, if you need any help, dont hesitate =]

    Hey just read your thread ..

    Don't bother posting up threads about Islam on this site ... people are way too racist

    They, for one, don't have a religion for themselves and on the other hand can't stand other rligions.

    Their racist bastards.

    I'm Muslim, I assume your Muslim, and hence I salute you =]

    But as for BOSers, I've never met people prone to such religion-threatening idiocy.

    You say "ALLAH" and they start swearing, it just makes me feel really bad, like to see committed Muslims (MahAllah i.e. yourself) spread knowledge about Islam, and then see the racist remarks morons on this site exclaim.

    Just stay away from these fags, lol.

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