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  • Elementary school? You moving to America or something? The main lure for anime to most Bored of studies people is that a lot of Bored of studies people are asian (lol no offence to them) and anime appeals to all asians. To all non-asians (like me hehe) though the main appeal is that even though its cartoons they are aimed at older teenager audiences and have deep storylines and a continual story.

    One good anime is Deathnote, its about a bored guy who is the best student in japan. He finds a notebook and discovers it has the ability to kill people. He uses it to kill criminals. A detective with strange manerisms who is just as intelligent gets on the case and everything gets really interesting. Dont want to give it all away or anything, i reccomend you watch it. 37 episodes which each go for ~25 mins. Theres a hollywood movie being based on it aswell coming out in a few years.
    Hmm well im good with computers, doing software design as one of my electives as id like to be a programmer. As for hobbies, I dont really have any but i do watch anime often. How about you?
    Good thanks, awesome to have exams over with = ). How was your day? Im kind of new here aswell, just started posting like 4 days ago.
    Is your'e profile picture a photo of you in the morning.jokes,no really why did you put that picture out every other photo ever taken in history?.
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