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    top 10 schools?

    hornsby girls came fourth!
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    Woohoo!!!i"m Finished!!!!i Finished Onfriday!!!yey!!!!

    I finished on friday 1st and turned 18 the same day!!!!yeeehaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!man - what a night!!!!hehehe.... now i'm having fun trhowing away all my crap.....the question is, what should i keep as memorabilia?
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    News: Student Throws Table In Exam

    i remember the pencil thing happening. reading it in the news...i didn't quite understand why anyone would do that just for a was a girl in a sydney privat eschool, don't rememerb which was ages ago though and i don't think it's happened since.... my friend hung herself...
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    Uni at Canberra, Residences

    i hopwe so.....then i just need to get the right UAI
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    how are you studying for history?

    i am doing verr close to you except not eprsina wars, we are doing peloponnesian (war) and delian leagues. i believe it come under Greek world category suggestion to those hwo study from syllusbus. my teacher told me not to do that cause you need to know heaps nmore than whats on the syllubus.
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    How Much Harder is Ancient than Modern

    the reason why "ancient is harder" or modern is capped it becasue even if you did not take the course you could still easily get marks in the exam paper,m cause of the source question....but for ancient you must know things to get any marks. i find modern easier becasue you can make up sources...
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    Uni at Canberra, Residences

    when did you apply? i only applied afte the open day...i got a letter saying they got my application...
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    ah ha! great job 500/wk no experiece!!

    who pays you for this apprently great job anyway???
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    Work at Stadium Australia

    where do these numbers go to? what do you say to these people? you heard via a chat board site?
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    Anyone go to UTS KU-RING-GAI OPEN DAY?

    enthusiasm, thats what i like!
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    Uni at Canberra, Residences

    i wan tio do a combinced degree landscape achitecture/applied science in resource and environments as with you i found anu course boring...plaus UC is the only uni that combines these two degrees.
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    Uni at Canberra, Residences

    why outside? are you close? what course do tyou want to do anyway?
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    enlgish for an hour and maths for an hours a week $100 i don't nee the tutoring for maths, I THINK I DO IT JUST FIOR SECURITY.(oops, not meant to be in caps but i can't be bothered to change it) the english i probnly don't need wither....i could ask my teacher instead....but it is good to have...
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    graduation songs- HELP!!

    last yrs yr 12 did time of your life- they can't sing(yr 12 i mean, not greenday)... we might do the "we go together" song from grease which would be fun with all the "do bah doby" parts!!!:)
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    Uni at Canberra, Residences

    who is planning on goiong and staying at the residences is canberra?i am planning on it and hoping to get into university village....was hoping to find someone else here to get to know them!:)