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  • I really really reallly despise english soo.... I USED to want 99.95 and state ranks in phys and chem, now I just want 98+ really, cos I dont want to bother myself with english, its just too depressing haha.
    The only med interview I've done was the UWS one last year to get in this year and I got in, so I will never know which is more difficult. Sorry.
    To prepare I just had a friend of mine talk to me on the phone the night before to get me talking and also she asked me a bunch of ethical questions she remembered from when she helped her other friends try for USyd med.
    Okay, coolios. Personally I wanted to go to UWS more than anywhere else (shorter course and the campus is 10 minutes drive from my house), but I wouldn't have gotten into UNSW anyways.
    Good luck :)
    Thank you. :)

    Yes, I did have to do an interview.
    Fro UWS MBBS you have to achieve a 95.55 or above ATAR (non-GWS) or 93.55 or above (for GWS) and then complete the UMAT and achieve a score they assign differently every year with the score being determined by S1+S2+0.5*S3 = score.
    Then you do an interview and your offer is based completely off the interview.
    If you want more info this is all on one of their websites.

    Thanks again. :)
    Heh me too! into maths and science and am passionate about IQ lol. Have you got the book by HJ Eynseck, "Know your own IQ"? thats a very good one.
    My IQ is 145 as measured by weschler test two years ago heh, so it seems yours is higher (You said around 150 on the thing right?) Im in mensa as well, I recommend you join man :)
    OK judging by ur name you must either be a crazy ridiculously OMG smart genius person OR you are just a fan of william sidiis OR you are an IQ enthusiast like me haha. Unless there's some other william sidis, you are referring to the one with an IQ over 250?
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