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  • hey. I was just wondering on whether you'd have any ideas/for me with history extension? Pm me? :)
    looking at your marks for ext history i hope your the right person to ask for advice, do you reckon this topic '' the bermuda-triangle '' is good for a major project? exploring the different perspectives and views ,encounters etc? pls reply asap thankyou
    Wow, I'm impressed. Great marks.What topic did you do for your major work in extention?If you wouldn't mind, can I have your advice on which of the following broad topics you think would be good for my major work?- The legend of King Arthur- Jane Austen- The legend of the Loch Ness Monster - Tudor History (likely Elizabeth I)- American Indians- The space raceI'd love some advice from such a high marking ex-student.:)
    I was just wondering what some of your study techniques were? I'm doing my HSC Ancient History trial in four days. I've been going over my notes that I made a few months ago and doing past papers. Do you have any advice for a struggling student like me?
    3rd in the state, because my raw exam mark was probably 99/100. I can't know for sure - they don't release raw HSC marks. If you don't believe me though.. you can always google my name and Board of Studies.

    It was alot of hard work and effort that got me those marks.
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