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  • OMFG!! thats looks soooo good. omg, i cant wait!!
    does he fly?
    omg i cant wait. and is that him and lois hooking up??
    :speechless: finally!!:)
    oh my god...im sooo excited!!
    thanks for showing me! :)
    wow, that would be interesting to see tom welling in the outfit, so is the movie really gonna happen??
    i didnt like it!!
    but i didnt like the clark/doomsday fight either, there wasnt enough 'superman' action lol!
    wow, you know ive never even heard of this metallo guy!
    ok, fair enough that this guy is in it, but i dont get why zod is back! but whatever, as long as the season is interesting hehe
    i'll still love my smallville lol!
    yer, i know. thats sooo good. have you watched all of season 8??
    coz i didnt really like the last episode of it!!
    but im still looking forward to season 9!
    these holidays i started watching all the seasons, and i haad to stop halfway in season 6:mad1:
    but its ok, i'll catch up soon hehe!!
    is season 7 out on dvd yet??:)
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