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  • That's all right, always glad to help.
    And I was wondering, what made you turn to me for help specifically - as opposed to anyone else?
    Hello Maay, speaking of the message you posted on my profile:

    I am actually a VCE student and thus have little idea how your system works. It seems as though you are doing extremely well judging by your ranks, which are quite impressive, especially at a school where your dux got a 99+ ATAR.

    I checked Atar calculator and plugged in values for your subjects and it seems as though you would need around an 85+ for each subject to get a 90+ ATAR. Judging by your ranks, it seems as though you are more than capable of doing so. I reckon you should aim for 95+ or a 99+ ATAR due to your capabilities.

    Good luck!
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