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Recent content by MadamGuilia

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    What's the point, get some sleep.. there's plenty of time for sleeping.. plus you'll feel good on wednesday if you have a good snooze.
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    When are notifications sent for Showcase nominees?

    Wahoooo for those who get in - good on you.. literature freaks :D I still remain crossing my fingers, but I know my hopes are too high hehe, way too high!! I should bring them back down to reality where I know I'm not in and probably didn't get a great mark... I'm attempting to come back down...
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    How do you feel you went in the art making 50%?

    Seems having no concept isn't too much of a worry.
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    General Thoughts - Italian Beginners

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    Please share your wise knowledge EE2 '08ers!

    Keep at it, don't think too hard about it, know what you want to do and try to do it very early.. keep writing in that journal, research lots and account for it all.. can't help you much more as my ext2 experience wasn't as wise as it can be!
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    General Thoughts - Italian Beginners

    This is supposed to be an 'exam thoughts' forum however.. I should have named it... "Unnecessary Criticism on MadamGuilia's Display Name and Use of Language" Gah, keeps getting better haha.
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    General Thoughts - Italian Beginners

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    General Thoughts - Italian Beginners

    I assume Redraw is taking a power trip, possibly due to feeling insecure in his own boots.
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    General Thoughts - Italian Beginners

    Gees, you've made yourself look extremely intelligent. I hope you're not too vain to sense the sarcasm. And for all Italian Beginners, I'm not an image of their ability. 'Madam' is either what you say or a woman of 'refinement'.. and I don't think of myself as either (it's a useless...
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    What do you want to be when you grow up? Plans for after the HSC?

    Re: the big question WHAT UNI DO YOU WANT TO GO TO AND WHY! macquarie - looks great, great environment, good course.
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    don't have any, can't pick it.. looked through it all and it always changes.
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    How do you feel you went in the art making 50%?

    really don't know.. bit put down about it even though that's simply stupid that i feel such a way haha.
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    Distractions throughout/prior to HSC.

    internet, food, family, the man..
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    your opinions on experimenting with drugs.. while on schoolies?

    Quite! 'Tis not to be overthunk..