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  • Hi, I saw you post about studying OT at USYD (2013) I was hoping you could help/advis on my current situation. I've studied my first 2 years of OT at ACU; I've now been offered a place to study at USYD. however I applied for a credit transfer a month ago and still have no idea whether most of my credits will be transferred or not. I have looked at sydney's OT handbook and tried to compare it to ACU's however, not having access to unit guidelines kind of makes it harder to know if I will be able to transfer and continue as a 3rd year student. Now my question is if i would have to start again would moving to USYD from ACU be actually worth it? because that means starting from mostly the beginning! especially when ive completed already over 300 hours and 160 credit points. A lot of people tell me sydney is more prestigious and will allow for more jobs in the future but I am unsure of spending an extra 2 years and increasing my student debt if it wont be worth it at the end.
    Good to hear man. All my plans have been foiled with either work getting in the way or friends bailing at the last minute :(

    I've yet to actually meet you in person but that day will come muahahah
    Heya Harris!

    Do you mind answering the question I asked you in my chemistry thread? The one relating to the equilibrium? Thanks :)

    And you're going to USYD! YAY!

    I'll see you around (maybe) buddy :)
    okay thanks anyway. having to apply specifically like how i have to for engineering is probably for my benefit haha.
    heheh thanks <3 <3

    i only dont like chem and bio because i had pretty high expectations of them, but it doesn't matter !!!!
    nah i dont like my marks :p but yours are soo awesome ! ^__^

    but you know, no time to be sad yolo LOL :p
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