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  • Oh did I send E for Q5? woops yer it's B.

    Also you are right for the other 2. I took y>0 for the ordered pairs one :(

    And I don't know what I was thinking when I put the answer as B) 10 lol
    well weve been here for a few years m8. Also, when i started playing the high score was 3700 and i got that pretty e z, then jens started getting in to it and beating it so i had to beat him and that continued for a while. I only play until i get the record then have a few games here and there in case somebody takes my record haha so im warmed up
    Just got my mark back from my Geography assessment on Human Activity... scored 17/20, equal 2nd

    I crammed the night before for that one. I'm fairly pleased
    World Cities is by far and away my favourite, People and Economic Activity is also my second as well (because it's easy).

    Biophysical interactions meanwhile.... boring...
    I go to (insert school name here edited out). It's tiny, no one's ever heard of it lol

    I realised that by Year 10 I couldn't see myself down in the labs for another two years doing any of the big 3 (bio, chem, phys) and so I defied the trend and chose Geog, Modern History and Business Studies instead. (in my school Bio and Phys are in the same line) (I was considering doing Earth and Environmental but they couldn't get enough people doing it, same line as my Business Studies).

    In Geog my school seems to be the only school not doing Sydney as the Case Study for Urban Places... we do Tokyo instead. Sydney would be fun to do IMO
    Do not a lot of people do Geography in your school? (What is your school anyway?) My school has a cohort of ~75 and we have 15 doing Geography. It helps when our teacher has got a massive passion for it though.
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