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  • Dairy Farming, it's pretty easy.

    Did your school organise an excursion or camp to do 'fieldwork'? I went to the Hunter Valley for two days and 1 night to look at the following
    Ecosystems: Kooragang Wetlands
    Urban Places: Morpeth (near Maitland)
    Human Activity: Tocal Dairy Farm
    I haven't done too much for Geo lol I'm gonna do a few practice essays this week and brush up on some of my skills
    Exactly. He can't belong - simple, uncertain omed against the egoistic disposition of every bos character. I can even utilize the fact that numerous attempts through streetboy and lightningbolt have failed, expressing his eternal alienation.

    You're an ideas man.
    Not really haha. Was just browsing in guest mode and saw hayabusaboston had green rep so I was like OMG YAY lets see who gave it to me! lol. Will probs re-suicide tonite.
    I don't really know many applications of maths in chemistry, but I know that there is a lot of maths in biophysics and bio-medical engineering. Why don't you do chemical engineering + maths :)
    I really want to do advanced maths at USYD or advanced science and major in computer science and maths but research in Australia is really bad. I want to balance my interests with job availability and salary so the only way I can achieve that is by doing engineering or medicine so probably engineering + maths at USYD or UNSW or medicine (probably won't pass the interview as I am not very interested so most likely engineering + science).
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