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    truly Complex.

    Umm... The locus of z if |z| = 1? Ask yourself "What [complex] values satisfy |z| = 1?". The answer is of course the unit circle. Since the question is obviously dealing with the complex plane, the locus will be all complex numbers which satisfy |z| = 1. If the question is asking about points...
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    Projectile & Polynomial question

    7 b) ii) Note that f(sqrt[3]/3) = A(sqrt[3]/9)-A(sqrt[3]/3)+1 = -A(2sqrt[3]/9)+1. When A < 3sqrt[3]/2, -A(2sqrt[3]/9)+1 > 0. Also note that f(-sqrt[3]/3) = A(-sqrt[3]/9)-A(-sqrt[3]/3)+1 = A(2sqrt[3]/9)+1. When A > 0, A(2sqrt[3]/9)+1 > 0 Then you can draw a diagram or give an explanation...
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    Y arent any yr 10 ppl posting!?!

    Most kiddos don't know about this site, as like some people said it's aimed mainly at HSC candidates. Until there are resources and whatnot avaliable this site will probably remain not that popular for year 10 students.
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    English Thoughts...

    wif sum of u ppl talkin lik i am atm is no wonder u went bad at english ;)
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    How helpful was the advice line?

    I rung up 3 times altogether. Once for religion and twice for english. The first english and the religion were both great, with them helping me extensively. For english, the discussion lasted 3/4 of an hour. The second english phone call, they put me through to someone who hadn't studied that...
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    WHY did you do MATHS in the FIRST PLACE?

    Maths is fun, and I'm a maths type person as opposed to a language person.
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    Question 13: Religious Rites

    Supra, Cleopatra, what schools you from?
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    what now?

    Hopefully I'll be going to uni, but after some of those exams... oh dear god
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    Leaving Early

    for a compulsory 1 unit class we had quite a lot of people stay.. nearly half. Physics saw only 4 by the end though out of 25ish...
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    Multiple choice answers

    1b 2d... 3b 4d 5c 6b 7d 8c 9a... 10b...
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    elements??? of the dreaming....

    I just talked about the dreaming spirits, and the time of creation.. hopefully a 1 out of 2
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    Question 13: Religious Rites

    Gopo, this is exam thoughts, for people that did the exam. You want to go here:
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    Question 13: Religious Rites

    Is anyone else in the same bucket as me, who barely studied a 2nd catagory, and thus since had only studied in depth rite of passage, is not fucked beyond any reasonable words? There goes literally 20 marks, so even if I get FULL marks in the rest, all I can get is 30/50....
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    Attention to Atheist! survey I posted that a while back, might be relevant, though probably not.
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    Ext 1 ppl did you find the exam>?

    worst fucking exam of my life. I'm HOPING for over 40%, it was terrible, I hated the questions, nearly all of them were beyond stupid. EVERYTHING I hate about 3 unit was in here, everything I find easy they forgot to include.