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  • For the accounting part, most of it is number crunching/memorising formulae etc so you will be fine having done just general maths for most of it. For app fin however you might use more complicated stuff (calculus etc) so a bridging course would be fine. Don't listen to what anyone tells you because in uni ur uai/atar means little and anyone can great marks. People told me that i wouldn't be able to cope with actuarial but i'm hd average so far :D Good luck for your degree, im sure you will do fine.
    Macq isn't my first preference but it's the one I am likely to get into with the ATAR I have. I don't mind though I really liked the campus. I will be doing B Com (marketing) . Looking forward to it. =) Just hate the fact I have to wait until Jan 20th!!

    If I can double major my other major will either be Decision Science or Business Demographics. The general consensus was I can't double major but I am not giving up hope because the course handbook says you can do two majors so I will wait until I receive my offer and then I will call them to check.
    You may find you can do that as a double degree rather than a double major!
    hahah what

    man the maths i've been doing isn't that hard if you understand basic calculus. they barely get you to do the calculus. it's just understanding the principles and applying them. it's usually just algebra.
    haha it's normal. usually ppl do double major so it goes on ur degree and improves job prospects. check out the UNSW Course Handbook ( i think but google it if not) as it goes into details about different program structures... some ppl do one major, some do two, some do minors, etc... and some majors can only be done as a comajor with something else, etc.. :) good luck! and accounting and finance is alright. i enjoy it because i'm interested in it but alot of ppl are only there cos their parents made em do it and u can tell.
    haha shit... my memory is going... you told me mcq before :S
    ahh k, i live 800km away, dnt know how many hours that is XD
    :) thanks, yea, sydney is the place for me aswell... do you live in syd or near there?
    i'll be doing civil
    what uni you want to go to?
    ooo nice, im hope i get an equity schoalrship at UNSW... coz i want to go there,, but i currently have a $24,000 scholarship offer at universoty of queensland.
    i will be doing engineering :)
    haha yea same im pumped for uni aswell, can't wait
    ahh k cool
    i went alright in business... was hoping for better but owell... got 84
    nah my name isnt shady :) its Jock... my username is after eminem,slim shady etc
    howd you go with results
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