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    UNSW - CENTRAL COAST Car pooling (or how to avoid trains)

    it takes me 2 hours 45 min from my door to uni on a good day via train....
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    UNSW - CENTRAL COAST Car pooling (or how to avoid trains)

    Why has this forum turned into a complete flame fest and full of time wasters... either contribute to the post or go home btw some people dont have the luxury of living in sydney
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    UNSW - CENTRAL COAST Car pooling (or how to avoid trains)

    Hi Im currently living on the central Coast, attending unsw 4 days a week. I wanted to see if there were any others like me that commute each day from the central coast... and if so we could car pool to save transport costs and save the earth....! (Every bit helps) So reply via email if you are...
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    Accomodation available for UNSW students.

    Im still waiting on ur reply, is there a room avaliable? whats ur mobile number?
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    A Few Enrolment Questions

    LOL, my photo was a shocker too! it looks awefull
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    Stop Friken Matriculating =(

    Yep, thats what it says....
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    Stop Friken Matriculating =(

    Yes thats what I want to know! I cannot continue any further because the two "recomended electives" for civil enginneering clash no matter what timetable options are picked. Have I accepted my offer to study at unsw at this point in time? lol, the word actually has meaning Definitions...
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    helllllppp meeee

    You dont have to do higher physics or maths, they are optional. Depending on your own ability or knowledge level during first year What gman said is right for semester 2. Im preety sure that what he suggested is the two recomended electives for electrical engineering, so you cant really go...
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    1st year Engineers @UNSW Post ur timetables!

    I guess this is abit more organised and specific than the other thread, anyway heres mine.... (placeholder for mine, as it just screwed up....)
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    Accomodation available for UNSW students.

    Im very interested! could you possibly send some photos or other info to (alternativly my msn is
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    Orientation Week 2006- you going?

    Drivers liscence is fine for student id
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    LOL!! thanks for the clear up... got abit confused there...
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    Awesome Accomodation Deal - Need Flatmate

    I cant find ur PM buttom for one.... But I am very interested....! I cant stand traveling 4 hours a day for the damm bridging course, my email is or alternatively msn me @ could you send some more info about the unit there? plus is that 170 a...
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    why is that? why do some people get tut and lab access and full fee paying dont...
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    how to make ur own timetable??????????????

    why do people always seem to directly link intelligence (or in this case intuitive ability) with someones UAI... It is essentially irrelevant....!