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Recent content by medaspirant

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    Chem Question

    disclaimer i dont know if this correct but yh this is my logic: for neutralisation reactions, the strength of the acid is irrelevant as the base is stronger than water. all ionisable protons will be irreversibly removed by the base.
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    Chem Question

    sos dont know bout that but u should be able to see the attachment now sos for b4 forgot to upload lmao
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    Chem Question

    Sup I did the q, don't know if I did it correctly if someone can verify that would be gr8, read the green first then blue
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    Who's doing an all nighter for results today?

    man legit summed up what i feel i cant sleep knowing we r the next ones and that theres no better time to grind then now
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    idk wut i should name this thread

    damn i lowkey like this kinda forms a journal or smthg anyways so yh basically today was - 6hrs of phys chem tuition realistically 8 and half including travel luckily didnt have any hw for phys gotta do chem in the morning tho - succesfully finished 80percent ish for mod 5 chem from surfing...
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    idk wut i should name this thread

    yh fair tho ig its subjective
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    mindblank 3.0

    did like tons of these types of questions earlier in hols but lowkey tired rn so like im not understanding how to approach this q. i believe we find the diluted conc then use ka and ice table but not hundred percent sure. if someone could assist gr8ly appreciated, @aryaadami ur presense is...
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    confused with this mod 6 chem q any help appreciated

    thx a lot m8 ur help always is gr8ly appreciated
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    confused with this mod 6 chem q any help appreciated

    ah ok thanks a lot m8 :) will look at that q
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    idk wut i should name this thread

    forgot bout this lol so heres wut i did today, today wasnt as productive but yh it is what it is: - did 3hrs of ucat Verbal reasoning - finished all mod 5 questions from the strive book spent like 4 hrs on this - finished chem tuition homework an hour and half on this basically this is it...
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    When do I need to do some past papers ?

    legit had the same q at the start of the holidays i dont know if this is the best thing to do but rather than hsc papers ive just started on books like strive which categorised past hsc qs into specific mods like ive done mod 5 and 6 for chem and 567 for phys so like ive been just doing these qs...
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    can someone asap ccheck my working out for this q and tell where i went wrong

    working out attached below:
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    q on amphiprotic substances and writing eqs to show

    ah ok thanks, your detailed answer helps so much thx