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    How was it?

    yeh i wrote about being able to talk to ppl through tv via satellite it was a load of bs. I agree the exam was pretty easy, but did anyone else find that they didnt ask for alot of prac work or alot of theory...i found that alot of it was paying attention to the...
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    Petition For Crime Question

    M.B James Fallon High School
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    Ohwell 12 out 15 sounds good enough me! Yeh i know i totally stuffed question 12...opps i thought that question 15 was more sutiable for empathy as they needed it urgently and what would a refund get them?? a substitute gift i thought showed more consideration for the customer....thats my...
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    Access to justice

    well i put the doctrine of natural justice, rule of law and legal aid as it provides equality and there for access to justice
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    yeh ur right about them not counting coz they dont unless you dont sit the hsc exam due to misadventure. I did questions 22 and 24 i thought they were good. i think the exam was alrite... i hope the markers mark easier than my teacher tho. What did everyone get for multiple choice?? a few were a...
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    How many pages did you write for Q2?

    A 4-paged story if its good and has the concept of journeys in it can do just as good as a 15-paged story. Yes if its a good story you would be able to easily get an alrite mark