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  • Hello heavenly blessed beauty whose inner beauty and beauty is simply divine and everlasting, you lookin good brah (no homo)

    (maybe homo)
    :p hehe instead of making threads bout the sadness of my valentineless state?! hehe

    lol. R u srs? Has some1 asked yu to do their hw? :eek:

    Hmm, well life in general is okayish *tries to b optimistic* school, i have many assessments rolling in atm :( And my existence, its okayish...hehe
    I dropped drama...so now i have free periods *ahem* i mean "study" periods :p

    wbu? Hows it been?
    Haha. Yeh. :p Sometimes :eek: Maybe? lol

    Thats alright, In reality i think i can last another year without a valentine too :(

    lol. I guess so, my mum commented on that the other day and said i shouldnt get too lazy going on BOS all the time.
    But yeh i guess yu could say iv spent quite some time on BoS. But now *If yu realised* i didnt come on last night, and im on for a lil while tonight, im gunna try to cut it down a bit.
    Interesting observation btw?! hehe R u on here often?
    Np. :)
    Yeah I'm Valentine-less.
    Hows your...online Valentine shaping up? xP

    lol Chemical Ali? hahaha we are like complete opposites. lol

    I also have someone else *cant remember their username from the comments on my page* sending me a valentines card/PM.

    Do yu want a valentine? or sorta wish yu had one? :eek:
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