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Recent content by milkytea99

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    why economics and business studies are bad together

    They are not bad together, they are in fact an excellent combo and if you intend to do a Commerce degree, they are the basic building blocks for it. I personally found the topics in Business studies to be more interesting and easier to understand and broader. Whereas for Econ, it's more...
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    ethnicities at usyd

    Are you serious? I always thought it's the other way round.
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    BUSS1001-any advice?

    +1. If you can bs 2 pages in 30 minutes, then you will pass it. I saw some internationals in my class who only wrote like a few sentences, obviously they'll be the ones who fail this waiver test.
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    Commerce Majors

    OP, why don't you just do accounting and BIS? As I know that INFS1000 is also required for an accounting major and it is also one of the requirements for BIS major. At least you can kill two birds with one stone IMO.
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    Is commerce at USYD or law at Macquarie more likely to lead to success?

    If you want to work in Australia, then whatever uni you go to doesn't matter, although I do admit that some of the networking events in Commerce only invite USYD and UNSW students to attend such as this one: http://fmaa.com.au/event/2016-fmaa-nsw-corporate-cocktails If you want to work overseas...
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    ethnicities at usyd

    It really depends on your degree. Like Commerce has soooo many Asians even in USYD lol. At first I thought it's only UNSW which is saturated with Asians esp in Commerce, but USYD commerce also has a lot of Asians, esp in accounting. It really feels like going to Uni in China instead of Sydney haha.
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    What rank do I need for these HSC marks.

    +1 exactly. The cohort every year is different, the highest score for chem last year can be 95, and maybe for your year can be 90. it really depends
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    "Studying Smarter"?

    Cuz I heard this from other people in my year haha.
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    "Studying Smarter"?

    I have no idea haha. I'm not that close to him. But all I know is that he always sleeps for 2-3 hours every single day, whether it's exam time or not. In the end he didn't get any band 6. Only 3 band 5, 2 band 4 and 1 band 3.
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    "Studying Smarter"?

    I totally agree with studying smarter. It's the technique + working hard at the right areas. There's no point studying 24/7 and being counter productive such as only reading your textbook. There was a guy in my grade who studied A LOT. Like really a lot. He always slept for 3 hours everyday...
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    Always sleeping after school?

    If you take public transport, use that as your "sleeping time". And if anything fails, coffee/tea/energy drinks are your best friend
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    Need a study buddy

    It's good to find one now ESP if you attend a low rank school where students are not motivated
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    Pathways Welcome

    If you got into usyd via e12, Broadway scheme or something like that, then the uni will send you an invite for the orientation I think
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    Bachelor of Commerce (Liberal Studies), what is it like and how flexible?

    Since you like humanities, and some commerce, IMO I think you should do commerce/arts or commerce liberal. It's much more flexible. Whereas for me, I'm kinda the person who is big on commerce and I'm not that interested to do other faculty subjects. So I ended up choosing commerce although I did...
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    Early Offers

    Lol...this is true. Some people at my school just struggle to enrol properly in UWS. They can't even understand how to enrol in subjects at uni...