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  • hey bro, quick question! your a senior accountant. do you love it?! :D im considering it next yr :)
    Hey, I'm doing my HSC this year and hope to major in accounting in a BBus/BComm/BEcos next year. Just wondering if you had any advice on the following things:

    1. What do you think of UNSW? Is it true the BComm is better overall than Sydney's? Did you consider any other business related courses at other unis?

    2. If I don't get into UNSW BComm, could I do BEcos and later transfer to BComm, still majoring in accounting? How hard is internal tranferring to do?

    3. Do you have a cadetship? If so, who with and how great is the workload, in terms of hours either working/studying per day?

    4. Is there any particular reason you didn't pick to do the combined BComm/BEcos?

    Any other advice also appreciated!
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