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    The official Medical Science thread

    Do not do a B Med Sci degree.. it's dud and is useless.. and don't rely on "I'm going to try and get into med/dent".. cos it's still a dud degree.. you're better off doing a B Sci where you get to do things you'll enjoy.
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    READ: math exam too hard !! from SMH

    hehehe, I love that article. That's pretty cool, our voices are heard..hope that they will end up marking us easy.
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    Music 2 - How Did You Go??!!

    oh, question 4, I only prepared 2 mandatory pieces so I had to use one of the pieces they played for us as my 3rd one. But the question is pretty good, I think, you can write anything about pitch.
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    Conservatoriums - GENERAL: Entry, atmosphere, auditions etc.

    Thanks inner_child. Also, just wondering, how many people (average) would the con accept for performance each year?
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    Conservatoriums - GENERAL: Entry, atmosphere, auditions etc.

    What about for performance? What's the interview like?
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    Conservatoriums - GENERAL: Entry, atmosphere, auditions etc.

    so who does the audition panel consist of?
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    Conservatoriums - GENERAL: Entry, atmosphere, auditions etc.

    So, if we do pick another teacher from the con, not keeping to our old instrument teachers, how do we know wether or not we will suit them? Why do the Con not approve of us having outside teachers?
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    not all christians are boring stereotypical bible bashers

    Well, I think that being a christian isn't just spending time reading the bible but also trying to apply it into your lives. If not, then how are other people such as non christians, suppose to know about the good news of Christ? To 'yy', why do you want to bash the bible? what has it ever...
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    The Prelim msn list....

    Hi, i do maths ex 1 stand english music 2 french cont physics chem anyone add me :uhhuh:
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    Anyone enjoys Classical Music?

    I'm just a newbie to BOS. Personally I prefer classical music to the more modern RnB and so on. My favourite composer is Beethoven, and I dont really have a favourite era. I also like Haydn, Pahanini, Sarasate and Rachmaninoff.
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    A-Z of classical composers

    kacathurian - russian composer, not sure if sum1 had said his name yet