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  • heyy i accidently deleted all my friend list. please re accept me. i hate being friendless lol
    You're the first one who think me im studious *silly proud face*
    a friend of mine borrowed me the death note DVD (with live people - not sure if it's the right word lol) on monday and now, ... and my sleep pattern needs rehab .. coz i watch it pretty late at night, hehe ... big chunk of enthusiasm there
    haha, it doesnt actually make sense, does it? yeah please dont mind it lol -

    Ohh speaking of my dp, i drew that. yup, paint ftw ^__^
    "c] I don't have a problem. you, on the other hand, have many."
    teeheeeeheeeehheee. nicely said jim ;]
    aww, how disappointing. oh well, I guess we'll live :p
    a] you WHAT? does that even make sense? it's about using radios and codes and all that jazz.. which will come in handy if I ever get stuck in one of those awkward situations when the deputy commander on anzac day hands me a radio and expects me to know how to use it >_>
    b] YES I KNOW RIGHT?! nah, but apparently we're having cas sim later this term? ^^
    c] I don't have a problem. you, on the other hand, have many.
    d] mm I know right? he looks so much more intimidating than he actually is o__o

    ps- LOOOL you made a code word for BIKINIS HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.
    EVERYONE HAS BIRTHMARKS! there's no need to be ashamed niiiith *pats*
    actually lisey just laughed at me T___T"
    but i don't want meaningful! meaningfulness is overrated. you can find meaning in everything, english has taught us all that xD. i want to bask in the superficiality that life ultimately is. superficial, transient, temporary. nothing lasts, and if nothing lasts, how can anything have meaning? i think i might go with the butterfly x] my birthmark would make a good body for it x]].

    but oooh, a rose would be pretty! [the only thing i'd be worried about with that might be the extra pain in getting those fine, detailed lines of the petals tattooed on ><", but other than that, it would look really nice! ^^].
    i'm gonna go to bed now, we shall continue this conversation at school :) night!
    oh you are so not funny ;]

    i dunno :/ idk if i'd have the courage. my pain tolerence level is like, zero.
    i might drag myself up to the place, then chicken out and run away at the last moment ><"
    i'd probably get something cliche =) like, a heart. or a star. or a butterfly ^^
    yeah, i'm not one for originality. it has to be cute and little though ^^.
    ACTUALLY, i mentioned the idea to my dad x] at first he was like "NO WAY", but then when i explained it with the birthmark and stuff, his response changed to "nyehhhhhhggg. don't talk about this while we're having dinner". SO, i think there's HOPE :D

    omgg, i just came back from the MOST AWESOME buddhist speechthingy. there's this western buddhist monk called ajahn brahm right, he's pretty famous amongst the buddhist community, lives in perth but came to sydney tonight to give a talk AND he used the words: "sex", "bastards", and "a dirty weekend" all in the space of an hour xDD a MONK xDD
    naah, back of the neck is a bit too in the open for me.
    i want one on my hip :D
    because, i have a birthmark there, so it would kinda be like 'styling' the birthmark xD
    i don't know why.. i just woke up the other morning and thought that i'd like a tattoo o_O
    it would probably hurt heaps though ><"

    LOL nith, there is NOTHING wrong with the word BIKINI.
    of course you are. because I'm just that awesome :D

    communications, dweeb! haha >_>
    then start coming again, loser! yeah, I haven't either.. I feel like it'll be lonely if it's the only one there on my sleeve by itself.. plus I can't remember which sleeve to put it on either ==
    like, actually taught, not dictated from a powerpoint >__> he also made us sit in a circle next to people we didn't usually hang with. and I got put next to dish. and twas weird == yess, but they were being taught by the cadet leaders, because scouts are dirty little twats.

    you know you want to ;]
    quote - "imagine carrying them all to school"
    omgomgomg disasterrrr!!!! *.*

    yeah thats why im doing only 25 haha ... they are now ~5cm! :D this is a mad (in a neg way) assignment. If i could, i would stuffed it up. haha yeaa im a fully motivated student -

    Ohhhhh i love bleach!! (sorry i changed my dp :p ) Rukia's my fav!!!! hehehe, however, im only up to like episode 102 so she's still good. mmm cant wait till the end of the hsc to carefreely watch anime *drreeeaaammmmyyy eyes*
    youre not going to tell jx that i said she was ugly..and then identify me are you?
    that would be slack cos that means i would have to put up with her ugly face..and quite frankly, i dont want my eyes to go through the pain of having to see her fat body again
    oh btw, the 10$ entry fee... we can divvy that up later right? im not sure how we will work that out..., lol.
    Thank god, i dun have to weed my wheats lol
    actually we have to plant 'em in foam cups at home (1plant - 1cup) The guideline says "student must plant 40 plants" but im doing only 25 [shhh dont tell anyone! i can't handle 40 cups with baby plants in it lol. i'll make up the rest's heights]
    But seriously, it's annoying coz i have to place them indoor - *ultimate mad face* and i still cant figure out how to cover a shade cloth on them - bugger

    yeah i wish i planted tomatos or something cool xD
    the wheats are not marked but we'll have to show the photos for proof
    the report is the real deal *shivers*
    facebook newsfeed ;]
    uh, he commented on one of his cousin's status haha :p

    oh pssh, as if they would've cared.
    but make sure you come next week, we're doing the comms badge.
    mickael taught the lesson yesterday, it was friggin hilarious ^^
    also, interested in getting the cooking/KOTO badge? :p
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