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    its 5:19 and results are out

    grr.. make me wait till six for no reason does that mean i get my uai early too??
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    Questions were too broad

    Too broad?! SERIOUS?! I thought it was a great exam :)
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    some help site this is...

    Harsh.. hey keep in mind, some people ARE stressed and have different ways of relieving that like taking it out on people from a site that aren't helping them
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    Bio Syllabus?

    Re: Help line Shmelp line I dunno, i've never actually asked a PROPER question
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    Religion 1

    Have you looked at the syllabus? Pretty basic stuff it's a piece of cake
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    is it just me or was the paper smooth to write on?

    well, if they can't read it, then ... they should just try harder to make sense of it i had to make sense of their stupid questions, the least they can do is read my answers properly :rolleyes:
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    speculations about hsc exam

    Said it before, I'll say it again I think there have been changes to the syllabus for a reason, like they took out the parts of the syllabus which they have problems with
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    Damn lincolns speech!!!

    I actually would've preferred an essay, it gives me a specific structure to follow. I always feel clumsy writing things like conversations/personal letters/diary entries.
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    Cicada Poem

    No you're not wrong. The beauty of english is that each text is open to personal interprettation, and if you had sufficient reasoning for your claim, i'm sure you did fine. Don't even worry about it! :)
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    The paper was a joke.

    What surprised me actually was the extra text But then, on second thought, if they had left it with the first three texts only, then my creative writing bit would have suffered alot--I wrote to the web site designer
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    Used the name "John Smith"

    Of all the entries, this one cracked me up the most Well done :D
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    is it just me or was the paper smooth to write on?

    I didn't notice a difference in the paper.. it felt the same to me.. I prefer to use felt tip pen, because that glides over ANY kind of paper--and surprisingly it didnt go through the page :)
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    Damn lincolns speech!!!

    I do speeches, and I fully talked about technique I made my convo b/w two teachers teaching the course, and so that let me get away with alot IMO Anyway, how could you NOT have studied Lincoln's speech?! It was SO obvious that that would be specified! i mean, following sep. 11 and the...
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    Technical difficulties???????

    Yep, I get the technical error too Way too often
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    Powerplay qn

    I wrote an into covering the question, put my practice essay and conclusion re-stating the into did you guys use three related texts? it said "at least TWO related texts" which usually means three