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    Is NGO and Sons good?

    I feel that Ngo&Sons is more focused towards higher achieving students who currently attend selective schools. The teachers are mediocre and the way they give notes is not the best. Honestly, if you're in the upper high school years consider a private tutor or small-group tutoring with a tutor...
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    Normanhurst Interview

    Hi I know this is a late reply, but Normanhurst has already sent the outcome letters about one week ago. I received my letter with the outcome last week in the mail.
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    Normanhurst Interview

    Hello, does anybody know approximately how many spaces there are within Penrith High School's 2019 - Year 9 (Year 10 class next year) as I have applied for the school and I have heard from some people that around 10 students have left the school.
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    Normanhurst Interview

    Hi, do you know if the interviews are only for Year 11 applicants, or is the interviews also for all other students who tried out for Years 8 -10?