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    The Official 2010 Fifa World Cup Thread

    + 1 I guess it really boils down to whether the position of the arms and hands, in the circumstances, was natural. One could argue that because the arms and hands were outstretched, they weren't in a natural position and so its a deliberate handball. The flip side is that it is natural for a...
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    Ajudicating (Debating)

    If your uni has a debating or public speaking student society/club, I suggest you join it. Should get plenty of adjudicating opportunities there. Meet new friends, brush up on your debating skills, and it should be all good.
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    Help with Yr 11 Ext Maths :jedi:

    With Q1, you won't get a quadratic function. You will get something hideous YUCK. you MUST use diff, it can't be done any other way. WithQ2, you will get a quadratic, so you can use the vertex method. No need for dif (although it is way easier to dif) With Q3, same with Q2. You will get a...
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    harder series and sequences

    Yes, my bad, you are correct. it is x+1 rather than 3x - 1
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    harder series and sequences

    Actually, it's gonna be a series of geometric series. The answer that I've got is (3x - 1)/[(x-1)^2], assuming that |x| < 1.
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    HSC Made Easy - Tutoring

    3u - 97 4u - 94
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    HSC Made Easy - Tutoring

    He's back for more tutoring! - 3 years experience - Maths (all levels), English (2U) and Physics - Currently 3rd year Commerce/Law at USYD - Flexible hours, locations, and competitive rates! - Motto - "The HSC made Easy!"
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    BoS USyd Roll Call 2008

    Mountain.Dew Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Laws (III)
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    Very short term Maths tutoring

    I'd be willing to help out. I charge $30/hr, $50 for 2 hrs. And, I personally would be more than happy to go meet you in person, face to face - tutoring is better that way.
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    Extension 1 MAths ...plzzz help!!!

    (1 - 3 x - 4 x^2 )( 1 + 2/x )^6 = 1 - 3x well, you've got to get the constant terms - you need to find the right 'pairings' when you multiply the two binomial terms (the quadratic, and the one with power of 6) to get the independent terms. So, with 1 --> pair up with 6C0(1)^6 with - 3x -->...
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    HSC Made Easy - Tutoring

    Alright peoples, two years worth of experience under my belt, and I'm back again! Holidays are ending, and the Trials are coming! Get ready! Currently tutoring Maths - 2U, 3U and 4U Advanced English (Area of Study: Imaginative Journeys, Coleridge poems) and Physics (Option: Medical Physics)...
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    What Year/Grade should we consider seriously studying?

    I agree with the people who said to work hard at your maths in year 7 - 10 --> you WILL struggle with prelim and HSC maths if you don't get your fundamentals right. I would argue the same goes with English, particularly concentrating on language techniques and essay writing. Other subjects? Not...
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    BoS USyd Roll Call 2007! - UPDATED 19/1

    Mountain.Dew - Bachelor of Commerce / Bachelor of Laws (II)
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    Branded as "stupid" in law school?

    Re: Branded as "stupid" in law school?? I was a full-fee paying student last year at USyd doing Laws, and no-one really makes a big deal out of it, even the UAIs. The talk about UAIs stop at "What was your UAI?...Oh, ok.". And there is even less talk about CSP or DFEE places. No-one gives a...
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    UAI 99.90 - tutoring in Bio. Chem. Phy. Eng (adv). Extn 1 Maths. Extn 2 Maths.

    I personally know Abtari, and he is one fine tutor. He has a unique ability of easily and efficiently explaining concepts and ideas, and is a naturally gifted teacher. He has been a designated tutor at his high school since he finished his HSC in 2005, tutoring students 5 nights a week. That is...