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    Failed Accounting

    I got results back today . 45/100 ! What happens now? Do I have to repeat the subject ?
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    6 mark question?

    Quality > Quantity
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    Uni Timetable

    with my fixed time table . is my first day the 23rd , at 9am ? then later at 6pm. far massive break
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    No space in core/foundation subject?!

    i asked one of the people at enrolment . they said check in a couple dayz the woudl make a new class or something so dont be scared lol
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    Uni Timetable

    oh ok and can someone explain to me what day i start uni . im not sure :|
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    Uni Timetable

    My time table doesn't look like alot! Can someone confirm that i Have enrolled in my subjects correctly? fixed time table :
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    UAI calculator for major

    A accurate UAI calculator would be very hard. Stick to something simple as said in the above documentation is where you gain your marks. It could be the most simple program ever and trust me UAI calculators are not simple. Something simple would be a : vending machine quiz etc
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    For $20 a year would you become Premium Membership

    Re: For $20 a year would you become Premium Membership>>OFFICIAL POLLS HERE<< support site :|
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    The HSC: An Environmental Hazard?

    Stop being a hippy. Trees must be consumed.
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    Quad or Dual Core?

    Quad core is mose useful in Video editing applications. Many applications have not yet taken full of advantage of quadcore
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    Driver Knowledge Test

    Rta is always busy so you probably won't get a spot if you don't book it. Though u can get away with it usually if you rock up right when it opens about 8.30AM and go for it then
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    2009 UTS Offers!

    B of Business / B ScIT
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    B Bus / B ScIT 09'

    yep me :) with a uai of 81.15 im suprised