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  • lol, i dont think you'll like this kinda music :eek:
    using internet for scrubs? You are amazing. Ive gotten into scrubs only recently, been downloading seasons, got 1, 2, 7, seen em all, love it, want more =] Might get em off a friend.
    Nearly finished hsc, very nice! Hope u went ok.
    Good luck with bio end ext english =]
    It's the album cover for the new Nile album, Those Whom the Gods Detest (ancient egyptian themed lyrics in their songs).
    It's coming out in a few days, but already leaked online lol. I was super excited for it, so i thought i'd use it as my av =]
    How've u been? You're doing the HSC this year right? How's that going?
    insomnium is a melodic death metal band, so unless you're into that sorta stuff u most likely wont like it because of the growly vocals, though if you ignore the vocals, their music is just amazingly beautiful.
    Still, i doubt you'll like their stuff. If you do, then you are THAT much awesome =]

    this is my favourite song from them: YouTube - Insomnium - In The Halls Of Awaiting
    actually its red fog with 3 flying doves. One of the t-shirt designs for a band called Insomnium.

    and yes i said before i'll keep it "FOR NOW", so yea, felt like changing it =]
    yes its animated, u can see it move when u see one of my posts.
    u can always just right click and save mine :p

    ive been thinking of changing it..
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