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    What are we all doing for our Practicals?!?!

    Those are some challenging but nice pieces :P Good luck with them, especially Defying Gravity!
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    How many pieces can we perform in Music 2?

    Hey, Have a read of this: It should answer your question.
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    HSC Music 2

    Hi There :) Take a look at this: It gives you an overview of the assessment schedule and the examination structure. I can't give you much more information about the subject as I don't do it, but I hope...
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    What ATAR will these marks get + how to improve?

    Wow nice marks, very jealous! If you maintain these scores you are definitely on track for 90 and above. You can always improve on every subject but especially maths and english. Atm it looks like PDHPE wont contribute to your atar. Have you considered dropping a subject? Anyways keep on this...
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    What are we all doing for our Practicals?!?!

    So... the practicals/trials are coming fast (oh geez) and was wondering what everyone on BOS is doing?? :guitar: I myself am doing 4 performances (Music 1) on the clarinet: - 3rd Movement from Sonatina by Malcolm Arnold - 1st Movement from Saint Saens clarinet sonata in E Major - Rondo...
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    Internal and External Marks

    Thanks! This is very interesting :) is it the same for small schools? Say if my classes have like 5-6 people in them and the highest marks are like 80?
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    Internal and External Marks

    Thank you :) this clears things up. Sorry, I should've clarified, yes they are the same person getting both marks. Also thanks to BandSixFix and mattstaker
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    Internal and External Marks

    Thanks guys, I just have one last question. Here's an example. Internals - 1st in rank with mark of 93. Externals (HSC exam) - 1st in rank with mark of 97. Does this mean that the person automatically gets a HSC mark of 97 for that subject as their internal mark is boosted up to the 97, even...
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    Internal and External Marks

    Oh ok thanks. I did some more reading and I think I got it now :)
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    Internal and External Marks

    Hi all :) I was wondering about how your internal rank affects your external mark?? I have read most the information about it but am still a bit confused. The main thing I am wondering about is for example, if I came 3rd in internals but 1st in externals (for my cohort), would I get the mark...
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    PE Past Papers???

    Hey everyone :tongue: Does anyone have/know where to get any PE past papers other than the HSC ones on BOS? I am just looking for questions to do and have run out :eek:
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    Should I make notes for biology?

    ^ This. Might be better to write your own notes for the Practical dot points as, for me, it was easier as I experienced them myself. The other stuff take MilkyCat_'s advice.