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    How do you pick out the First Year Students

    Gonna bump in this thread :D When they're walking around acting as if they know where they're going - when in truth they don't... :rolleyes: They carry a map Dress in their fancy clothes Don't know that random computers can be used They write everything what the lecturer says They actually...
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    What to bring to lectures

    Pen, Paper and a Pillow
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    Share your tips to get the elusive upgrade to Business/First Class

    Ok i thought it would be worth creating a thread, in order to help fellow inthermixers on how to get that elusive upgrade on a flight. Please share us your tips Here's mine, ok you know on these silly transatlantic carriers such as BA, Virgin, United and so on, where you have massive...
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    The Football Thread

    Re: The Official Football Thread I wish people would stop saying trash things about John and Vanessa. We never know what really hapened so lets not judge. Sickening the way they have been portrayed by the press, i've met both John and Vanessa at Chelsea games, and they're really kind and...
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    Which universities have hotter girls?

    dude plenty of North Shore chicks in the Business and Law Faculty:love::D
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    The Football Thread

    Re: The Official Football Thread Many ignorant naive people believe that Chelsea spend £50m on each player. Man City has spent close to double what we have in one season, and yet they still not guaranteed top 4. Teams like Man Utd spend £20m-30m every summer, yet they never get criticised for...
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    Henri Leconte

    Seriously what do Channel 7 see in this guy? Please sack him :mad:
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    B Commerce best subjects to do first

    Having completed first year, please do these subjects for semester 1, therefore you can get a good start and grip of uni Do: Accounting for Business (pass this subject so you can do accounting 2) Managing People and Organisations (piss easy subject, should get a credit minimum) Marketing...
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    Share your 2009 HSC results here

    Hi I'm Asian and i play WoW and Dota and i got English Advanced 64 Mathematics Extension 1 98 Mathematics Extension 2 99 Physics 98 Chemistry 98 My parents are already ashamed of my marks:pain: Looks like i won't get into Commerce/Law UNSW
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    Cabramatta 1980s VS Bankstown/Lakemba etc 1990s-2000

    Typical Westies, just stay away from our North Shore We here in the North Shore have hotter chicks than you westies, we're educated, we're not in debt and we breed good looking kids
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    Are people in the northern and eastern suburbs big time snobs?

    I'm from St Leonards, and yes fuck off Westies:shoot: Proud to be North Shore, we're just simple better than you guys - sometimes the truth hurts...
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    Just relax FFS! - Unbelivable...

    hey wasn't that shit, compared to the state average of 60s. Besides it was hardcore study 5 weeks before the HSC exam (failed 4/6 trials) and still got 83 UAI, still good...
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    Just relax FFS! - Unbelivable...

    Did my HSC last year, bludged heaps and crammed in the last 5 weeks and still got 83 UAI and got into a 90 UAI course, if you studied thoughout the whole year, you'll get 90 easily(unlike myself). Honestly i read the threads/posts on this site, most of you guys are having fucking heart attacks...