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  • ohhh i am glad to hear that everything is going well for u now haha :D
    where are u now? unsw? :)
    Hey man. I have been great. I have just been pretty busy with uni work and other work and etc. What's up with you thesedays? I think you were doing Medicine or something, how is that working out for you mate?

    Yeah, I have been quite active on BoS but I am not on this website as much as I have used to...this website is not that relevant anymore, haha.
    thanks man i just made it. Are you doing engineering at uni ? I have pretty much re learnt half the engineering studies course in four weeks - its so fast paced.
    Hey i finsihed my HSC this year, and i think i think i got roughly a low 90's raw mark for the engineering studies paper (i was ranked first in my claas). Do you think i have a shot at a state ranking ? And would say a 90 in engineering scale downwards? My teacher seemed a bit fuzzy about the scaling of the subject, and i never fully found out how bad it scales.
    impressive man. You continued your great accelerated result in your hsc, i mean, you did much better. Hopefully I can continue that too. =)
    hey varun, u probably don't remember me (09er in trinity).
    I was wondering what ur raw assesment marks for physics, MX1 and MX2 were, since u went to the same school i'm guessing the difficulty and marking scheme is similar.
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