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    Attention All Astrophysicists!!!!

    Kind of like a really wierd form of Reincarnation
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    Mistake On Question Part B!!!

    Thanx for his number, I will prank im to death :p
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    Mistake On Question Part B!!!

    Sourie, You've got SERIOUS issues that you need to deal with. First of all, being an idiot like you, I can't see any lowlife chick trying to 'distract' you with her cleavage. I've seen people who have big ego's, and I've also met dickheads. Amazingly, you seem to fulfil both these...
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    Attention All Astrophysicists!!!!

    Um....yeah, Just look in Jacaranda, its AAALLL there :p
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    MC - Question 14

    You can tell that you dont need it because of question 15. If you didnt need ORDER BY, then none of the answers in 15 are correct
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    Just think of it as when you're signing into MSN as a new person Single Key - Username. e.g. nn99. Unique OR Composite Key - (if you dont have a username) it might be just Address + DOB. Unique THEN Primary Key - DOB, Agree to terms and conditions etc. Needed Secondary Key -...
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    So how'd everyone go ?!?!

    This thread gave me frkn heart attack. I kept thinking whether they would start at 9:25. Just in case, so I came here to guys are idiots :p. I now have to go and study for the exam, (IPT) :( Critically Analyse the Social and Ethical issues related to and involve a router? -...
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    2001 Barker College Trial - MP Answers

    Does anyone know the Barker College Trial (2001) MP answers. Its the one with the stupid Sydney traffic light system thing on it Thank you
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    Communication Systems

    You just need to know that the OSI reference model divides the information into 7 layers. Each later expresses the standard, using a protocol
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    For Nelly

    mmm....rite :p
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    Conversation - Names

    Mine were NN, and SB. nice and short. I was originally going to use own name. Similar to the letter where I finished off by saying. From (my name) Then i remembered I aint allowed to do that stupid me
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    I have the questions and answers to all 2002 HSC exams!!!

    I suggest, we pick each one of the BOS members (real ones) off. day by day. Until the 22nd of December :devil: :sniper:
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    How'd everyone go in English Paper 1 ?!

    I did the exact same thing. I talked about how it showed the inevitability of change, because it originally went from a forest to the 'urban sprawl' to the forest again. The feature article was awesome, i didn't practise a SINGLe essay, and i was so stoked. My letter was so much fun to...
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    I have the questions and answers to all 2002 HSC exams!!!

    For something like that, you will be killed. You know that right? :D :chainsaw:
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    where can i get a copy of the 2001 hsc paper?

    just go to