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    Schoolies Cruises

    hey hey... yeh everything on the boat is cheap as... ESPECIALLY IF UR A SMOKER... i swear i was in heaven evertime i bought a pack of smokes.... but yeh the main thing thats expensive is the islands... they're expensive as hell... just depends if u wanna blow ur money on souveniers or booz....
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    P&o Pacific Sun Schoolies Cruise 2004

    dayem... i miss the cruise :( i wanna go back...
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    P&o Pacific Sun Schoolies Cruise 2004

    oic i used to work at dominos penshurst with him :P and my girlies from school hang out with st mary's bois :P
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    P&o Pacific Sun Schoolies Cruise 2004

    tutsitula... is that aaron toranto in those photos? cause i cant tell haahahaha looks like him....
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    P&o Pacific Sun Schoolies Cruise 2004

    HAHAHHA!!! i was in the first lot of ppl to jump in the pool on the last night... u know when there was like only 5 people... i was the only chick too.... HAHAHAH but i jumped in the second time too... u know the girl walking around in the red bra... THAT WAS ME!!! hahaha i was proud.. i went...
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    spanish ext

    OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i hate extension exams... but i always get higher marks for extension than i do continuers so its WTF! bleh im kinda worried cause our class was behind and our teacher wanted us to go back finish ext. but we refused to... kinda stuffed.. oh well.. all i can do is hope for...
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    spanish 2004

    HEY HEY! pls i finished at 20 past 4 :/ i was freaking out that i missed a section.. but i usually finish around 20 minutes early but neva 40 minutes early... ah well... it was exactly what i expect... maybe even a little bit easier... and the dialect thing is bullshit... i had to go back and...
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    Module C - Elective 2: Ways of Living

    we did komninos... i like his stuff cause some of it is so aussie... i wrote 8 pages on ths one :S bleh my supps. were Shrek :D for hillston welcome and i did a telstra ad for materialistic for kuranda, 1992 and an article on kiera knightley and how self conscious she is about her weight... for...
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    Does ANYONE do Briar Rose?

    HOLYSHIT! i did briar rose too... and it was the worst essay i have ever written in my entire life... i tried to argue it as to why it was good but why it was crap in that beccas character was unrealistic and she wascrap!! but i had no clue wtf to write... i wrote only 4 pages and my writing...
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    Gli esami di Trials

    allora... fa' quasi 5 ani che studio l'italiano e recentement mi sono anoiata e non mi piace piu... mi sono dimenticata come' scrivere e anche parlare perche ne me ne fregga (is that right?) abbiamo il nostro esami per l'italian il prossimo giovedi... sto pensando di studiare un'po... ma non...
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    Open High teachers are bad!

    :o i wish i had a spaniard in my ass who was actually fluent... even a fluent south american :( im fluent but not ENOUGH DAMNIT!
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    Poll: which journey r u all doing???

    doing physical journey... farking rabbit proof fence.... good movie but ugh... annoying to find my own supp text!!!
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    Supplementary Texts - Physical

    heh prob same ol' question as everyone here... i got my trials in 2 weeks... im yet to find a supplementary material that relates to rabbit proof fence. cause we have the two BOS ones (robert frost poem, and a book cover) i need to find like a news paper article, or a short story... i've looked...
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    quickest way to get over a breakup?

    bleh rebound so doesnt work... been there done that TWICE and was rebounded from the SAME GUY! OMFG guys suck... wasted 4 years of my life for that loser and we broke up in january for the last time this year and it still sucks... dude each person is different.. maybe rebound is the best thing...
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    spanish ext

    hahaha i do extension.. theres like 10 ppl in my class that do extension :D yeh we feel really weird getting into character cos of all the swearing... bleh the kids in "el barrio" are so vulgar and just eww...