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    Hey would help if some of you could help me with this particular question for english “Do you think Macbeth is responsible for bringing about his own destruction?”. I agree with the question. Needed help with some quotes and techniques to back my analysis up, thanks.
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    high school typical interview questions?

    agreed, make sure you know about the school's history too. Got asked that at the sbhs interview a year ago. Good luck!
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    Selective schools

    I’ve been offered a place at sydney boys for y9 2021 and I’m going there next yr. just wondering how competitive it is not just for sbhs but any top 10 selective school based off class tests, like what is the average mark
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    Interviews for North Sydney Girls

    Congrats, I did the sydney boys interview and received offer a few days ago (y9 2021). The questions that I was asked were: - Why do you want to come? - what do you know about our school? - What sports do you play, what was your best performance - Why have you chosen the electives that you’ve...
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    2021 Year 9 application

    For interview?
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    2021 Year 9 application

    No, why?
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    2021 Year 9 application

    Ty , you too!
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    2021 Year 9 application