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  • hello

    transferring into law/science at UNE. just done 2.5 yr of bachelor of science at latrobe university and decided to transfer cause really science isnt really enough

    i have selected duval as my first preference as it suits me and like the flexi chioce meals so i dont miss anything and judging my the pics from the une site the rooms are big. and i would also like to know peoples thoughts of the college.

    how do i apply for the duvals sport teams, in particular soccer, basketball and AFL. are all colleges passionate about their sports, do you play every week ?

    does it have gym. i read that is has a 1 weight machine, bike and a treadmil. is that true. is there an actual gym within the uni with many weight machines and free weights like local gym and whether its for free.

    also should i bring my laptop to connect to the internet and how do i connect to the internet from my room.

    one more thing. where do i purchase my duval college shirts and jumpers.
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