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  • ye im not sure about a thesis but u can do a critical essay...one guy from another school did a critical essay on harry potter and he got an E4 :D
    anywayz yeah so the story is coming along well i think :) so thats all kay except the fact that i have to write anther 2000 words by like wednesday!!! omg! :) lol but all in all good
    wbu? hwo is school going for u? any assessments?
    Yes I ahd NAPLAN...I hate them too!!!
    True. They give primary student the same writing task as high school students which was to write a narrative about the topic 'What a mess'.

    Languages is offered at our school. I have an idea of what I might choose, but there again it'sonly beginning year 9 and we've only started the beginning of the electives. :D
    hmm its really up to you. though the decision kinda hits you towards the end of the year so dont worry too much about it now
    give both subjects ur best shot and my advice is do ext 2 for whatever ur getting better marks in and what u enjoy doing the most
    yes 6000 words left!!! its hell
    hey thats great to hear that u did awesome in ur exams :) all the est for ext english exam, but im sure ull do just fine :) omg wow 1st in physics 3rd in maths, what a champ ;) im so proud of u :)
    ext 2 english is coming along ok i guess though i have to write like another 4000 to 6000 words in like 5 weeks!!!!! omg
    I'm good, thanks for asking :spin:
    Well since i'm in year 9, I only get to choose 2 electives and they are: Commerce and IST...pretty nerdy huh?? :idea: :read:
    I like your colour scheme; orange with the white background...I like orange :)
    btw hope you do well in your exams...mine are in week 5 :(
    Thanks for the compliment about my colour scheme.
    lol to make life easier on you, ill tell u my real name, i feel sorry for all of you that have to type muhahahahahaha
    my name is Amani :)
    yeah school is going good, year 12 is a headache but i mean i cant complain. you just have to do what you have to do i guess
    and you? hows year 11? how were ur exams?
    The fact is that noone really understands morality. O'Brien fails to consider it and Winston fails to leap upon this flaw as well. The society is strictly materialistic, to the extent that there is nothing beyond reason, nothing beyond material necessity. Such a society is of course impossible as it ignores perhaps the most powerful aspect of life, and yet the most unexplainable and mysterious. Believe it or not, it's beauty. A society without this is non-existent. The power of the inner party would be unable to control it and it's temptaions if it did exist in real life.
    haha dw you're on the green now.. even though i still don't understand how these rep things work lol

    yeah people on bos can be mean at times, lol go and look at my first post on bos forums.. haha i was practically fighting with everyone lol but now ive learnt to think b4 i tlk :p
    yep, no worries :)
    don't worry. you wont be getting one in return.

    What i posted was my opinion and if you don't agree with it then I respect that lol im not going to come over there and headbutt you

    we're all different = Different opinions :)

    cya :)
    We did 1984 as our text in first term. It is indeed a good book, a slow starter, but the last part especially is very good (with O'Brien, I don't want to spoiler anymore). It is not so much an exploration of Marxism per se, but rather a borader attack on any totalitarian regime, an attack on the lack of limitation of power. Anywayz, yeah am cathcing up on my work as well, or rather ,organising it in vain. I spent a good 3 hours tidying up my room today. LOL
    :O Awesome. But mine is worse. In year 7 and 8 we had to do the SNAP AND ELLA. In year 9 they get rid of it and put the naplan in for year 9. ==
    My grade are the school's guinea pigs. We don't get a HALF YEARLY, just more assessments. We have to handwrite all our English assessments. OMG and it takes forever.
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