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Recent content by Oobadoo

  1. Oobadoo

    HELP! Chemistry Question!!!

    I am doing an assignment on copper and aluminium, its really quite easy. However, I need to know what the crustal percentage of copper is, or the crustal abundance if you like. Most sources say 60 parts per million roughly, which is 0.00006 % (NASA says 0.00007). BUT virtually every othersource...
  2. Oobadoo

    Subject chosen YAY!

    Good choice of subjects! :D Yes, if I were you I'd do Eco over Buisness, most definitely; though you'll have several weeks chance to see whether you like each of your subjects. With Bio and Physics, I'd do Physics, though lots of people absolutely love Bio. Depends on your class, teacher, and...
  3. Oobadoo

    How are my marks going to end up?

    God I wish there was an Art 1 and 2, like Music; then people could actually do Art and not have their mark scaled so hideously! Art 2 (theory) would be the best, not just because it would be theory and art history(I'm sorry if this clashes with your view), whilst scaling well (or not badly), but...
  4. Oobadoo

    Fave TV channel

    ABC and SBS, mainly because they are not commercial, and because they show alot of UK stuff. Go UK comedy!!!! :D
  5. Oobadoo

    Christian Apologists

    God is just smiting us; love the add (I can see) under the first post... "Free Bible CD! Get the Amazing (and undoubtedly holey and totally unconsumer driven) Bible Software!" :D
  6. Oobadoo

    Favourite Author

    DOUGLAS ADAMS!!! Lots of nice quotes, but probably: "...I'm so hip I have trouble seeing over my pelvis..." Love it! (Don't just view this thread, post!) :D
  7. Oobadoo

    Dear lefties, Rudd is a CRIMINAL who has BETRAYED you

    And avoiding Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, getting lost in southern US states, Afganistan, Qatar... Catholics. :D
  8. Oobadoo

    Dear lefties, Rudd is a CRIMINAL who has BETRAYED you

    Wow, a little sensationalist there maybe??? Firstly, how has he authorized violence against anyone, or promoted theft of property? Secondly, you can't really draw comparisons between such regimes. Also, yes he's really shitty on same sex marriage, yet so is almost every politician in...
  9. Oobadoo

    Christian Apologists

    Such anticip....pation. Though it's yet to kick off. Should be interesting, long, vociferous and ultimately nasty (or it will just be ignored???). :D
  10. Oobadoo

    Reputation Power

    ibbi00! How many do I have???? :D :D :D (I feel this thread may possibly become a little repetitive. :P )
  11. Oobadoo

    The I.T. Crowd

    Serious!? A fourth season!? Heaven! (I love it when they give Jen "the internet", and the mockery of face book, friend face!) :D :D :D
  12. Oobadoo

    Hey Amani! How's things? Just wondering, do you know if you can do a thesis or critical essay or...

    Hey Amani! How's things? Just wondering, do you know if you can do a thesis or critical essay or something similar for Eng Ext 2? :D
  13. Oobadoo

    Who thinks they've chosen the WRONG SUBJECT?

    Really? I wish mine would. I think past years were allowed to though not any more, which is extremely crappy. Oh, damn, forgot to change my signature. I dropped Modern at the end of last term. It was very very crap. Unfortunately for me I didn't also drop art and pick up Engineering (could do...
  14. Oobadoo

    Advice needed on subject choices

    It's general consensus that physics is harder than Bio; but my advice is do the subject you like most, then you're most likely to go well in it. Physics scales better than Bio, though considering they both scale up, that doesn't matter that much as long as you go well in either them. If you like...
  15. Oobadoo

    God has no merit

    Haha! lol. :D